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Overcoming Fears

Watching Talks with Tyler, I am reminded, unbiasedly of course, of how awesome this kid is, but—more relevantly, perhaps—of the reason I started KATT Communications, despite the inherent risks of launching a company at this stage of my life, with two tiny people depending on me. But that’s exactly why I started it: because –and not despite—of them.

The two things I am most committed to in life are my family and my work. This is the main reason that my clients become my family. While I need a job to feed and clothe my kids, I can’t truly provide for them without setting a strong example, which includes being brave and overcoming FEAR …fear that might have stopped me from leaving a secure job and launching a company where I could use my expertise to provide seamless cost-savings and cutting edge technology. The FEAR of being a single mom in an unpredictable economy. The FEAR of my house forever smelling like sweat and urine because I am raising only boys! The FEAR that, as a woman, my earning potential and status might be limited because of gender. I am so proud and encouraged by the women’s networks out there (like The Women's Organization of Boston @We_Boston), through which I recently attended a women's networking event and met some inspirational females in this field who remind me why it is worthwhile -- and even essential -- to overcome this fear and make a difference.

This same fear, I think, is a relevant concept to the telecommunications industry. Tyler said it himself, that kids in his generation are as wary of live phone calls as older generations often are of tweeting and texting. People fear what they don’t know.  In addition to educating our clients through demonstrations and the provision of transparent information, we also are here on call to alleviate their fear. I know firsthand how scary this all can be….and how important it is to get past that fear. In a ten year period from 2011 to 2021, the number of social media users will grow from one billion to three billion users worldwide ( https://www.statista.com/topics/1164/social-networks/). So change is happening, and it is far more exciting to be at the forefront helping others adjust and thrive than it would be to be hindered by fear and miss out on these opportunities. Because I have been learning that when you believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around you, it is!