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Father's Day Facts and Following Fantasties

As we reflect on Father’s Day, our all-female company prepares to celebrate husbands, dads, brothers, and uncles and reflect upon the roles these men play in our own lives. We all have different stories and frames of reference, and each of us has a strong male in our lives whom we admire for their parenting skills. We are collectively encouraged by recent statistics about how gender norms are shifting and men are, more and more, valuing their identities as fathers and rejecting the notion that mothers are the default primary care givers (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/06/13/fathers-day-facts/).

However, too many of us know people who didn’t have a dad in their lives growing up, and we are also acquainted with many single moms—strong women who play the role of both father and mother to their kids. Our founder, Katherine Tracey, falls into both of these categories. Here is Katherine’s story.

Before she hit her second birthday, Katherine was removed from unsafe living conditions and placed into the foster care system, where she was separated from her brother, who went to live with his biological father and stepmother. Katherine was eventually fostered by a doctor and businessman in Harvard, MA.  This couple went on to adopt her at the age of four, and, as their professional endeavors—from real estate to rare coins and a thriving medical practice—continue to flourish, she credits them for her entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

Katherine later reconnected with her brother, who had joined the Marine Corps. From him, she gets her passion for helping military veterans, an initiative she has linked to her business goals as well. Now a mom of two boys, Katherine devotes her boundless energy to her THREE babies – Tyler, Dylan, and KATT Communications. Her colleagues at KATT Communication appreciate her as a boss and an inspiration. We have enormous respect for all female small-business owners. That admiration quadruples for those who are also single parents, especially in light of having grown up without the benefit of parents in their own childhood.

This weekend, we honor all the dads out there. We encourage you to use your phones, computers, tablets and more to send love and appreciation their way. Just remember, if it’s not a “dad” in your life, that works, too: Honor the brothers who are strong uncles to your kids, or the foster family who helped raise you, or the single moms out there who bear the burdens and joys of fulfilling both parenting roles. Whoever these people are for you, we wish them an amazing Father’s Day, and hope you all stay in touch. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out what our family can do for yours!



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