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Reflections on Shark Week

Reflections on Shark Week

JULY 18, 2018

Sharks – much like telecommunications – are mysterious, majestic, powerful, and potentially frightening. That’s why KATT Communications is here: to help you navigate the waters, so to speak, and channel the power of telecommunications to your benefit.

We are also excited to offer some sharktastic discounts for the remainder of the month of July. 

We can learn a lot from sharks. In addition to their amazing longevity and unique survival skills, they're often looked to as potential cures for diseases, and they're certainly relied upon to keep the food web in check.

More relevant to the telecom industry, perhaps, is that sharks inspire smart design. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to go further than ever before in biomimicry — the practice of imitating nature’s designs to solve human problems — enabling us to pursue increasingly efficient and innovative design.

Sharks have been around for over 400 million years, so we'd be fools to think they have nothing to teach us. Their first lesson relates to speed and efficiency in the water. In fact, according to Human Nature, an international conservation site, some researchers are now trying to make artificial shark skin that would reduce friction drag and prevent the accumulation of algae and barnacles in the water — and even prevent bacterial growth in labs, hospitals, and other surfaces that need to be sterile. Successfully copying sharks also has the potential to lead to globally significant innovations.  BioPower Systems, an Australian company, has designed a device resembling a shark’s tail to capture wave energy from the ocean and convert it into electric power. Also on a global level, the search continues for clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels: use of this "shark-inspired" kind of technology could be one promising solution.

While the link between sharks and communications may not be as obvious as, say, listening in on the conversations between dolphins or studying whales as they try to communicate with us, they have certainly been direct sources of inspiration for advanced telecommunications technology.

They also teach us other important lessons. In earlier blogs, we talked about overcoming fear. You don't have to swim with sharks to do that. Just be bold and open to the next steps, and if emerging technology and connectivity are part of that path, let us help you. And you definitely will want to take advantage of our Shark Week Discounts. 

And if this doesn't inspire you, let New England sports' legend Rob Gronkowski do that for you by checking out his Shark Week exploits here.