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Isn't Every Day Working Parents' Day?

Parents work. That’s what we do. Sometimes, that’s ALL we do. Every parent who is truly involved in his or her kids’ lives is a working parent, whether they spend their days scrambling to do open-heart surgery on the next patient that comes into their operating room or on their child's favorite stuffed animal. You are a working parent if you drop your kids at school before rushing into a corporate meeting (often, if you are anything like me, with food stains on your shirt or with your pants unzipped), just as you are a working parent if you spend your morning stressing over Pinterest while trying to conceive of tasty, nutritious, tree-nut free lunches and snacks to prep and send to school.


For those of us who work a professional job as well as this all-consuming, soul-sucking, gloriously rewarding gig called parenthood, our reward, while somewhat financial, consists mostly of guilt and the penance of having to wear non-elasticized pants outside the house. I checked out the history of this holiday, and I learned it is intended to celebrate those who balance the many challenges and demands of running a family and household while meeting the commitments of an outside job. 

Here are the suggestions from Andrew Mellen on how to celebrate this "24-hour opportunity to pause and appreciate the time, energy and money parents have worked so hard to make available to their families:" 

Apparently, kids are encouraged to "soften your parents' day and:

  • Cook dinner.

  • Make and pack THEIR lunch for tomorrow.

  • Tidy up the house.

  • Clean up the house.

  • Do a load of laundry—including folding it and putting it away.

  • Thank them."

 I don't know about you guys, but my kids aren't going to do this...if they do the last item on the list, it will be more than enough (although I would love to see what they'd pack for my lunch). What I think is even more important than the kids making my day easier is the idea that maybe other working parents could. Maybe it's a day on which we can be kinder than usual to each other: withhold judgment; lend a helping hand; give credit for an assist; or even just nod in solidarity, like we do at KATT Communications, where we are all working moms who stand next to and support our fellow working parent warriors. With that in mind, Happy National Working Parents Day...and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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