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Tips to Saving Money on Business Phone Solutions

We sent a message out to small and mid-sized companies asking what their biggest “pain in the phone” is when it comes to their work phones on their desks, and then we compiled the top challenges – like dropped calls and reliability—into a poll to determine the absolute biggest frustration. The results were clear. The biggest pain in the phone – or should we say wallet? – is the high cost. Below are some tips for addressing this.

TIP #1: Look into converting your regular telephone line to a VoIP line.

  • What is VoIP and how will it save you money?

    • VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a suite of hardware and software that uses the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls and…(drumroll)

    • Telephone calls over the Internet do NOT incur the surcharge to which standard telephone lines are subject. In the same way that a user does not pay for sending individual emails over the Internet, these calls are immune from the taxes, fees, surcharges, and other fine print you always read about on your basic astronomical bills.


TIP #2 If your company HAS already converted to a VoIP System, consider migrating to a cloud-based PBX when the time comes for an upgrade. 

  • What is PBX and how will it save you?

    • PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. This is a private telephone network within an enterprise that allows users to share a certain number of outside lines for making telephone calls outside the PBX.

    • This is much less expensive than connecting an external telephone line to every single telephone in your company.

    • As an added bonus, it’s easier to make a call via PBX: all you need to dial is 3 or 4 digits. Think of all the time you’ll save!

  1. If your office is small enough, consider running exclusively off smartphones.

  • How will this save money?

    • You can do away with business phones and the costs associated with them;

    • You can select a smartphone plan with business or group rates and discounts, keeping costs down.

  1. Finally, try bundled services from your local Internet provider.

  • How will this save money?

    • This will depend on your provider’s options, although feel free to search around for the best provider and deal for you. There are often “triple play” bundles that provide significant savings if you purchase all your services (phone, internet, and cable) from one source. Be sure to shop around before committing to a contract.

Try these tricks and see how much you save. Remember, KATT Communications is happy to assist.Visit us hereand check out what we can do for you. 

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